The Extreme Controlled Computing Group

"A Real-time Software Development Firm"

Who We Are

The Extreme Controlled Computing Group - XCCG is a software engineering firm providing consulting, development and educational services that support the assessment, creation and implemention of embedded-system components and products through the complete software development life-cycle.

What We Do

We assist clients, organizations, industries and institutions by providing strategic services in:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • System Deployment
  • System Architecture and Engineering
  • Enterprise Architecture Development
  • Product Requirements Definition

The Educational Training Unit develop state-of-the-art workshops and seminars on: software engineering principles, processes, and practices; create “how-to” guides for selective vendor tools to facilitate their software development process; develop and present instructor lead, as well as online, webinar, learning experiences - i.e. lectures, seminars, and laboratories; develop, evaluate, refine and maintain an exceptional instructional program in software engineering.

The Consulting Services Unit conduct vendor directed investigations encompassing any aspect of the system development life-cycle i.e., the analysis, specification, design, and development of computing systems and/or computing system applications.

The Applied Research Services encompasses needs assessments, proposal development and contractual agreements for specific products or services as specified by clients. In addition we conduct in-house research in software development methodologies.

The Research Services Unit conduct applied research on: computer modeling and the application of software methodology to: computer applications in: medical diagnostic systems; network security systems; communication systems, and computer applications in financial analysis systems.

Where to contact us?

The Extreme Controlled Computing Group
3715 Highbank Place
West Lafayette, IN 47906-8842


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