The Extreme Controlled Computing Group

"A Real-time Software Development Firm"

The Corporation

Company Profile

The Extreme Controlled Computing Group (XCCG) is a software consulting firm specializing in the analysis, specification, design and development, of information technology services and products for real-time embedded systems. We deliver innovative technology solutions to complex software engineering and IT challenges for; individual consumers, academic institutions, businesses, and governments. Our focus centers on the required transfer of knowledge and the opportunities they present to our clients. We therefore take great pride in our ability to delivered solutions that can be effectively deployed, operated, supported and maintained by our clients.


XCCG is a leader in the application of standards based solutions to the analysis and design of: computer networking, network security, telecommunication, financial, and healthcare delivery systems.


We empower organizations with the knowledge of the best engineering practices in the development of information technology products and services and the methodologies to successfully facilitate the integration of solutions into their overall business strategy. Our service encompasses all aspects of a product’s lifecycle; and may include systems integration and consulting.

The Approach

XCCG successfully migrates the best practices, techniques, tools and standards into "business solutions" for each client. We endeavor to ensure that the implementation of new techniques and technologies maximize the use of existing infrastructure investment and minimizes the impact of change on existing operational practices.

Company Philosophy

For XCCG each client's requirements are viewed as unique. We further believe that, each organization understands its business requirements and its people best. Our expertise in systems development and in the selection, blending and deployment of new and existing techniques and technologies provide a stable and sustainable system life-cycle. We therefore give our clients the ability to explore the full range of accepted industry methodologies, practices, technologies and standards presently used in a wide range of application domains that fulfill the client's requirements. We do this without imposing a single vendor or single industry perspective. The result is a strong commitment to delivering innovative solutions to complex, software engineering and information technology challenges.

Where to contact us?

The Extreme Controlled Computing Group
3715 Highbank Place
West Lafayette, IN 47906-8842


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