The Extreme Controlled Computing Group

"A Real-time Software Development Firm"


The Extreme Controlled Computing Group - XCCG provides a comprehensive range of consulting training and development services to assist clients, their organizations and managers in the creation and implemention of embedded-system components and products. We provide services that support the entire life-cycle, including: strategic planning; enterprise architecture; requirements definition; system architecture and engineering; design; implementation; testing; and deployment. Our focus is on the management of information about the IM environment and the delivery of corporate repositories and technical support infrastructure (eg. see below ).

The Consulting Services Unit conduct investigations; develop training material, plan and present seminars and workshops on methodologies for: analyzing, specifying, designing and developing computing systems and/or computing system applications.

The Research Services Unit conduct applied research on: computer applications that includes but is not limited to: medical diagnostic systems; computer applications in network security systems; communication systems, and computer applications in financial analysis systems. It will establish and maintain liaisons with corporate and government client, and enter into contractual agreements with clients principally for research grants.

The Applied Research Services Unit encompasses needs assessments, proposal development and contractual agreements for specific products or services as specified by clients. It will involve the development of RFP’s, personnel selection, project management, along with project monitoring, follow-up and deliverables on awarded contracts.

The Educational Training Unit develops state-of-the-art workshops, seminars and topics on: software engineering principles, processes, and practices; creating “how-to” guides for selective vendor tools that facilitate the software development process; developing and presenting instructor lead, as well as online, webcasted, and/or distance learning experiences - i.e. lectures, seminars, and laboratories; developing, evaluating, refining and maintaining an exceptional instructional program in software engineering; and developing and presenting technical papers, derived from their training responsibilities. In addition this unit will be responsible for conducting research in software development methodologies, and reporting its development and research findings at business and technical conferences.

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